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  • Celebrate the holiday season with these limited edition Snowman Poop Marshmallows. Yes, truly, they only make these for 3 months of the year. Get them while you can!

      Snowman Poop Marshmallows are a re-packaged version of our Neapolitan Mini Mallows. Find tiny pieces of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla bean mallows combined in one sweet box.

      • Snowman (mini Neapolitan) Marshmallows

        Organic whole cane sugar, inverted sugar (whole cane sugar, water, cream of tartar), water, organic porcine gelatin, organic Saanich strawberries, organic raw cacao, organic vanilla extract, strawberry extract, organic powdered sugar, organic tapioca starch, raw vanilla beans.

        • Not suitable for vegetarians. Contains organic pork gelatin.

          Contains traces of cream of tartar. Contains vanilla and strawberry extract.

          Chocolate peppermint mallows are made with certified gluten-free raw cacao from Giddy Yoyo.

          All Tout de Sweet Mallows are corn-free, nut-free, and gluten-free. And everything is handcrafted in a dedicated nut-free (+peanut-free) and gluten-free kitchen facility

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